2018-08-24 17:41:12

UniDAX Features

Financial-Grade Transacting Experience

Multiple trading features and a premium transacting experience at UniDAX make it the leading crypto exchange platform in Hong Kong and around the world.Digital asset prices can be volatile and fluctuate regularly, which is why we implement stringent security measures, convenient multiple functions and thorough evaluation of investments.Use fast and secure UniDAX for your cryptocurrency trading today.

♦ 40-Factor Evaluation for Fundamentally Sound Investing

Our Commission Panel assures high security for crypto trading in Hong Kong and consists of over ten commissioners with reputable backgrounds. The panel includes industry professionals, IBM blockchain experts, core members of renowned rating agencies and private equity analysts in the financial industry.

A preliminary evaluation before running investments through the Commission Panel involves a 40-factor evaluation model making sure all listed assets adhere to the ‘full disclosure principle’. Solid measures ensure we can minimize risk for you.

♦ One-Stop Digital Asset Platform

Here at UniDAX, we aim to provide everyone with full-coverage digital asset freedom and a cryptocurrency exchange platform for the Hong Kong and global market. Upcoming digitized financial products include derivative contract, margin trading and short selling, quantitative wealth management, node copy-trading, leveraged trading, perpetual contracts and more.

UniDAX seeks to empower every digital citizen with the freedom to enjoy the benefits from true decentralization by providing the most convenient experience in buying and selling digital assets tailored to every need.

♦ Financial-Institution-Grade Transacting Experience

UniDAX proprietary trading system is capable of achieving financial institution level of performance speed and stability. The crypto exchange system in Hong Kong is modelled after algorithms from a leading securities exchange, and it supports a variety of institutional order commands and quantitative instructions.

Our matchmaking logic is based on a leading securities exchange and can handle over 10,000 tps (transactions per second).

♦ Commitment to Security

UniDAX implements stringent security measures including Multi-signature technology, Offline Signature, and Hierarchical Architectural Security Module. UniDAX also uses three different professional security auditing agencies to conduct periodic external cross-audits on our security measures.