2018-06-28 22:24:55

Fee Schedule

1. Deposit fee: Free

2. Withdraw fee: The user can check the withdrawal fee of the corresponding currency in each currency withdrawal page(Based on the withdrawal page exchange rate).

3. A transaction fee will be deducted from the total amount of your transaction, and the transaction fee rate is 0.2%. The bitcoin transaction fee is paid if the bitcoin assets are obtained after the transaction.


If you want to trade in cryptocurrencies you should keep note of the fees that apply to buying and selling and how they can influence the total cost of your investment decisions. 
For example, if you want to buy Ethereum online there may be deposit and trading fees and withdrawal charges. Bitcoin is known to usually generate inexpensive transaction fees, but it’s best to keep track regardless. Fair and transparent processes make UniDAX the leading cryptocurrency platform providing professional services to users around the globe.
The easy-to-follow fee schedule allows easier execution of Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange at the price you want. Through our Hong Kong platform traders can track current and up to date deposit and withdrawal fee schedules for 13 currencies. 
Our multiple technical indicators and reliable trader information sources help you analyze comprehensive market data for BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, USDT, MCO, GNT, AE, OMG, ZRG, WTC and the very best token projects in blockchain.
Now you can trade in cryptocurrencies and buy Ethereum online in Hong Kong and around the world with the tools you need to make a good investment decision and save money. Read our guide below for how the fee calculations are made.


Risk hint: Digital currency is a high-risk investment method, investors should be careful to buy and pay attention to investment risk. The Digital Currency Exchange will select high-quality currencies, but UniDAX does not assume any responsibility of guarantee, compensation and so on to individual investment behavior .