2019-09-27 11:28:55

UniDAX Will List PAX(OEP4)

Dear users:

UniDAX will officially list PAX(OEP4) on Sep 27, 2019. PAX (OEP4) is a stable coin Lauched by Ontology, which based on OEP-4 protocol. Its character is the same as the PAX token issued by the ERC20 protocol on Ethereum chain. PAX (OEP4) can realize all the functions of PAX (ERC20) , such as trading, withdrawal and transfer.

As follows:

Open Deposit and withdraw: 2019.09.27 14:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Open Trading : 2019.09.30 18:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Trading pair: PAX/USDT

[About PAX]

PAX was released on September 10, 2018, with the approval of the New York Financial Services Bureau (NYDFS). Distinguished with USDT and other MSB (Money Service Business), PAX is the first compliant and regulated stable coin, with outstanding advantages such as open auditing, capital security, and full exchange support. Compared with USDT, UDST can't guarantee the exchange rate is 1:1 with USD, so PAX is a truly stable "digital dollar". All dollar deposits are kept in separate accounts in the American registered banks which are insured by FDIC insurance companies, to ensure the security of PAX token mortgage funds. PAX is audited monthly by the top American audit company to ensure the dollar asset equal to the circulated PAX in all accounts.


Ontology Explorer: https://explorer.ont.io/

Risk Warning:

• Blockchain digital asset trading has extremely high risks (pre-excavation, skyrocketing, banker manipulation, team disbanding, technical defects, etc.). According to the relevant laws of Hong Kong, UniDAX only provides a free online match for digital asset investment enthusiasts. The trading platform shall not be responsible for any review, guarantee or compensation for its value.

• If the digital asset product violates relevant laws and regulations, the UniDAX has the right to unconditionally remove the product.

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