2019-12-04 16:14:51

2019 UniDAX Christmas Calendar Giveaway! BTC+UNX candys 4U!

Starting on December 5th, for an entire 20 days, Unidax Exchange and MGDA crypto marketplace will be running an advent calendar daily Christmas giveaway, with daily tasks for you to complete, enjoy and win. If you can complete enough tasks, there will be grand Christmas prizes!

Activity time: 2019.12.05 - 2019.12.25 (the Christmas calendar tasks will open at UTC+8)

Activity URL:  https://www.unidax.com/Christmas2019/


Rules of Activity

1、Activity time 5th-25th December 2019, Users can log in and unlock the calendar to get the daily tasks;

2、The tasks need to be completed during the activity period (before 2019.12.25 23:59:59), and gifts including UNX and BTC will be awarded after completion;

3、After each task is completed, 1~2 bell will be given to light up the Christmas tree;

4、Open the calendar on Christmas Day(12.25) and you will get Christmas awards based on the number of bells you have. (It is recommended to claim awards after completing all tasks because each person is limited to one opportunity);

5、The transaction fees reduction card will be issued and BTC awards will be transferred to the trading account after the activity has ended. Please pay attention to check your UniDAX messages;

6、Some tasks require manual review, and the review time is about 1 working day. The gift and bell will be issued after successful review;

7、UniDAX has the right to disqualify any user deemed cheating or using inappropriate behaviour. If the circumstances are serious, the account will be frozen;

8、UniDAX will adjust the rules of the activity according to the actual situation, and the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to UniDAX;


Join The Community:

UniDAX Official Telegraph Group: [https://t.me/UniDAX\_Offical]




Twitter : [https://twitter.com/Unidax_Official]


Thank you for your support of UniDAX and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


UniDAX Team

Dec 4, 2019

  • 2019 UniDAX Christmas Calendar Giveaway! BTC+UNX candys 4U!
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