2019-05-29 17:07:26

Notice of BSC(Bsai Coin) world debut on MGDA

Dear valued user:


BSC will officially make its world debut on MGDA , May 29, 2019. The specific arrangements are as follows:

Open BSC deposit / withdrawal: May 29, 2019 16:00 (UTC/GMT+8)

Open BSC Trading: June 12, 2019 16:00 (UTC/GMT+8)

Transaction pair: BSC/ETH、BSC/USDT

PS:You can only deposit BSC via the functions of transfer on etherum network. We apologize that deposit via other functions will not be credited.


The first release of BSC will follow a lock position repurchase mode. The specific rules are as follows:

1.Step-by-step lock position plan:

The deposited BSC will be locked. 20% of the total amount of BSC will be unlocked gradually starting from the following month. (The unlocking time is on the first day of the month at 01:00 am). That is, each deposited BSC will be unlocked gradually within 5 months (excluding the month of deposit).


2. Trading Unlock Plan

Users can unfreeze BSC in advance by trading any coin pair on MGDA or UniDAX. When the transaction amount ≥ 10,000 USDT, 20% of the total locked BSC will be released in advance.


3. Cooperative repurchase program

Bsai cooperates with MGDA. The transaction fees contributed by BSC users on the platform will be used to repurchase BSC.



Project Introduction:

•  Bsai.IO is a world renowned online simulated trading tool and cryptocurrency blogging community. You can use real market prices to simulate trading of any mainstream cryptocurrency and get real Bitcoin rewards through the free demo trading contest. You can also create or browse blog content in Bsai to get tokens. At Bsai, user's will always be rewarded for their contributions with a corresponding return.

• BSC is the ERC20 token of the Bsai community. A total of 1,000,000,000 is issued.

• BSAI official website: https://bsai.io/info/

• Contract address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x4d46335fe05ebf9d220382ae014328c0f62eb12d 



Risk Warning:

• Blockchain digital asset trading has extremely high risks (pre-excavation, skyrocketing, banker manipulation, team disbanding, technical defects, etc.). According to the relevant laws of Hong Kong, UniDAX only provides a free online match for digital asset investment enthusiasts. The trading platform shall not be responsible for any review, guarantee or compensation for its value.

• If the digital asset product violates relevant laws and regulations, the UniDAX has the right to unconditionally remove the product.


Join the community:

Official telegram group: [https://t.me/UniDAX\_Offical]

Official telegram Channel: [https://t.me/mgda_channel]

Medium: [https://medium.com/@unidax]

Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/unidax_exchange/]

Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/UnidaxExchange/]

Official Twitter: [https://twitter.com/Unidax_Official]


MGDA team

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