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    About UniDAX

    Your Universal Exchange For The Digital Finance World

    If you want to buy bitcoin online, use UniDAX exchange. Our bitcoin exchange platform is Hong Kong’s leading exchange platform supporting Bitcoin (BTC), as well as Ethereum (ETH), ETC, LTC, USDT, MCO, GNT, AE, OMG, ZRG, WTC and the very best token projects in blockchain. Enter cryptocurrency trading in the digital finance world with UniDAX, facilitating Bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong and providing the most convenient experience in buying and selling digital assets tailored to every need. We seek to empower every digital citizen with the freedom to enjoy the benefits from true decentralization.
    We aim to ensure fundamentally sound investing by operating with strong, bank-level security. We run a preliminary evaluation before running investments through our Commission Panel model to ensure listed assets adhere to the ‘full disclosure principle’. Our 40-factor evaluation and other solid measures ensure we can minimize the risk for you before any investment decision.

    • Specialized Investment Product Ecology

      Our financial products team of top brokerages at home and abroad will launch specialized financial services such as binary options, financing, quantitative wealth management, node investment, perpetual contracts, copy-trading and leveraged transactions.
      UniDAX will be a one-stop full-coverage and digital asset platform allowing you to buy bitcoin online and more. Upcoming digitized financial products include derivative contract, margin trading and short selling and leveraged transactions.

    • Bank-Level Security

      7-layer security protection, deep cooperation with well-known security protection companies to ensure the safety of funds: multi machine hot backup, offline cold storage and multidimensional day-end clearing reconciliation. UniDAX cryptocurrency exchange facilitates digital asset trading while taking solid measures are to ensure we can minimize the risk for you before any cryptocurrency investment decision.

    • Professional Team

      UniDAX brings together the elite in various professional fields to form a core team. Team members insist on reducing the risk of digital asset investment, embrace regulation, and jointly promote the benign development of the block chain industry. Our Commission Panel consists of over ten commissioners with backgrounds ranging from industry professionals, IBM block-chain experts, core members of renowned rating agencies, to private equity analysts in the financial industry.