How to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) online in Hong Kong?

There are several ways to buy and sell Bitcoin in Hong Kong. Some methods include in person trading, Bitcoin ATMs, and of course Bitcoin exchanges. In person Bitcoin trading remains quite popular in Hong Kong, but comes with logistical issues like clarifying what currency they will use when you want to buy or sell Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs, on the other hand, are more convenient, but often come with high fees.

Why use a cryptocurrency exchange?

Bitcoin exchanges are among the best ways to buy and sell Bitcoin online in Hong Kong, as they are far more secure, safe, and often have lower fees involved. Different payments accepted by UniDAX Merchants include Alipay and Bank Transfer supporting USD, HKD, CNY, PHP and VND.

Why use UniDAX’s Hong Kong Bitcoin (BTC) exchange platform?

As a Bitcoin exchange platform based in Asia’s financial Hub Hong Kong, UniDAX gives you a place to trade your cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin with people all over the world. With a business model not too different from the Hong Kong stock market, UniDAX offers instant transactions at market prices for when you want to both buy and sell Bitcoin online. Simply register an account and get started with our exchange homepage, where you can see live BTC price and other crypto market updates for each cryptocurrency that we trade amongst our 500,000 registered user base. With a rigorous project audit mechanism, UniDAX gains its reputation as being a leading。

Bitcoin exchange platform in Hong Kong through its security. With 40 hard indicators and 8 different audit processes, you can rest assured that when you buy Bitcoin online through UniDAX, you are using a professional and fully transparent digital exchange programme.